Amigo MX Live Shower

Offering a choice of showering Style like RainSky Shower, Intense, Waterfall and even Mist, the Rainsky Shower experience is a total solution of your body bath that envelops the senses like a session at the Spa

Amigo MX Live Shower

Streaming of natural water-flow, enjoy an extra shower modes with natural effects, make your Shower Organic feel like Spa

  • Rain Sky Shower
  • Music Speaker
  • Rain Curtain
  • Waterfall
  • Column Shower
  • Mist Shower
Amigo Overhead Shower
Amigo Live Shower
Amigo Music Speaker

Music Speaker

Amigo MX Rain Curtain

Rain Curtain

Luxury Rain Waterfall


Luxury Column Shower

Column Shower

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