Premium Luxury Outdoor Pool Collection

The Outdoor Spa Collection by C O L S T O N has a sophisticated stylish design, “impeccable finishes and perform to the very highest standards. The Designer style panels in the range have an understated and refined appeal and are all produced using the top quality material, So you can choose the finish which best suits the decor of your home or the style of your garden.

Alpha 08 Premium Pool and Spa Series, Perfect balance in Diemension offered optimum volume and freedom of every movement, What’s more, thanks to the Colston Designers its compact lenth and generous width, Make your bath dreaming with the great tast of Luxury pool bath.

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It has Two Person Adult Seat and one Pool for your relaxation, this pool dimension 5840 x 2240 x 1250 ( mm ), fully computerized controlling, Bluetooth, Bubble jet for bubble bath, Waterfall jet, Chromotherapy and more!

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