Sky Showers

World Largest Collection of Engineering Showers

more than 30 option to choose, COLSTON offers an innovative features like chromotherapy, waterfall shower, mist shower, whirl shower, intense shower etc. in its exclusive range of engineering showers.


Place of profound intimacy par excellence , an act of love towards yourself, spirituality, care of your thoughts, purifications. In short: shower space. The Rainsky showers by Colston combines the complexity and importance of these aspects in the daily living, imagining the journey through places of living and of feeling. Colors, waterfalls, mist, column and notes that shift from the sense of welcome in a living room to the magnificence of the classic, and then linger to the force of nature, the sacredness of the place of an artist's expression.



Structure of shower head can show many romantic feelings in designer. People lays stress on quality of life may, concern each device in shower room. According to Shower head can give you different taste.

Types of Rain Sky Showers

Rain Shower

Rain Showers 

Rain Showers made is the right option to enjoy your favorite rainy season in your own private bathroom space.

Rain Shower


With the waterfall made, you can experience the luxury of nature`s own waterfall in your bathrooms space

Rain Shower

Music Therapy

Music `Bluetooth` speaker offers the exceptional exeperience of music therapy with combination of shower made you choose and shades of colotherapy 

Rain Shower


Column Shower Head made vertically hit the targated area of your body you choose either head or shoulder, Anyone can tr-energised after the column massage bath..

Rain Shower

Mist Showers

Made mode provide a very soothing foggy enviroment in your personal space. it will surround you in a tranquil mist, calming your thoughs and relaxing yor mind.

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