Nozzle Chromotherapy Showers

Matchless Functionality to contribute Great performance inside your bathroom

Savio- Color Chromotherapy, Rain Shower, Mist

SAVIO- Color Combinations is making rainbow, color bath therapy,

Luxury Chromotherapy Bath with premium shower it has Rainjoy Shower, Mist Shower
SIZE- 520 x 500 mm

Rainsky Luxury Music Showers

Orion- Chromotherapy Massage Bath, Rain Shower, Mist

ORION SHOWER- It has Dual Level of Waterfall to enjoy different shades of luxury shower

Mist shower is natural drops of rain bath, making your bath experience is super luxury with rainsky shower, Chromotherapy bath and remote/App Control
SIZE- 600 x 600 mm

Rainsky Luxury Music Showers

ATLANTA MIST - discover the wealth of creative possibilities

Atlanta mist- would you like to make bathroom in your life for enjoyment, perfect into the surrounding architecture, it has rain fall shower, mist fall shower, with waterfall, chromotherapy and Remote

SIZE- 400 x 400 mm

Rainsky Luxury Music Showers
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