Rain sky Music Shower Collection

Now enjoy with Colston Bath Music Shower Series for your favorite bath, feel senses of natural waterflow

Chromotherapy Premium Showers

Amigo MX- Chromotherapy Rainsky Shower

Amigo MX- Music speaker, rain curtain waterfall, column shower, mist shower rain sky music shower with chromotherapy, SIZE- 1000 x 750 mm
Rainsky Shower With Music

Augusta 2X Colortherapy Shower, Music Therapy

Augusta CX- Music Speaker, Rain Shower, Rain Intense, Column Spray, Mist Shower, Waterfall, Chromotherapy, Size- 1000 x 750 mm
Marino CX Chromotherapy Premium Showers

Marino CX Colortherapy Shower, Music Therapy

Marino CX- Music Speaker, Rain Shower, Rain Intense, Column, Spray, Mist, Waterfall, ,Chromotherapy, SIZE- 700 x 500 mm
Chicago 2X Chromotherapy Premium Showers

Chicago 2X Color therapy Shower, Music Therapy

Chicago 2X Chromotherapy, Rain Shower, Mist Shower, Whirl, Waterfall
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