A Movement that evolves. and settles, In the essence of form

No Bathroom is Fully functional without the detailed placement of the right Shower at the Right Place

The Rainsky Showers by COLSTON© Combines the complexity and importance of these aspects in the daily living, imagining the journey through places of living and of feeling. Colors. waterfalls, mist, column shower, and notes that shift from the sense of welcome in a living room to the magnificance of the classic, and then linger to the force of nature the sacredness of the place of an artist`s expression  


The Rainsky Music Showers

The Design and presentation of your bathroom is something that can bring you pleasure everyday. It is not a place for compromise. Colston offers an inspiring breadth and depth of wellness and shower products

Rain mode is the right option to enjoy favorite rainy season in your own private bathroom space.

3D Chromotherapy Massage Showers

The Immediate achievement of the desire constant temperature makes your shower more pleasant and safe.


Dual Chromotherapy Massage Showers

The Combination of Dual Level Water-flow

The Most Popular Water-flow combination like, Rain, Waterfall, Mist, Column.

Nozzle Chromotherapy Showers

Nozzle Chromotherapy Massage Showers

It is not by chance that from these unique and once-in-a lifetime experience

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