Super 06 - Luxurious Outdoor Spa Bath Treatment

Design and Creativity, modern and classic, Imagination and Innovation, adaptable to every Bath.Technology that turns into art to make a simple shower into pure emotion.

Super 06 - Amazing Well-Being Hydro-massage Spa

Every piece of cutting-edge technology in your hot tub by COLSTON Spas will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your well-deserved rest & relaxation!

It Has Chromotherapy Lights, Ozone System, Water Pump, Fully Computerized Controlling System.



- SUPER 06- Luxury Comfort Series


 -           6 Person Adult



 2120 x 2120 x 900 (mm)




Water Capacity

 -                               1000 L

Weight with Water

 - 1280 Kg

Water Pumps

 - 2 Pc 1500 W

Rotating Jet

 - 3 Pc 5" Rotating Jet
14 Pc 3" Rotating Jet

 Fix Jets

- 34 Pcs Small Jet

Airpool Jets

 - 10 Pcs Air Bubble Jet

Ozone System

 - 1 Pc

Pillow/Back Rest

 - 4 Pc Luxury Pillow 
Control Panel - Computerized Control Panel


 - 2 Pcs Colorful Lamp
16 Pcs LED


Electrical Requirement


Power Supply

  6.7 K.W Power


  3 K.W Heater

Air Pump

  400 W

Air Adjuster

  2 Pc


  1 Drifting Filter

Water Drainage

  1 Pc

Acrylic Color


Other Colors optional

Skirt Color

  Coffee Brown
Other Colors optional

The Position of well-being

Quality Airpool Jets is providing you the best massage-therapies as per your need, Installation and Spas from infiltration and external, It neutralizes bacterial growth and guarantees maximum hygiene.

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