Marco A- Hydro-massage Bubble Bath System

SIZE- 1800 x 900 x 620 mm

Indeed, the design, quality and room concept with the Marco A Bathroom

It has Bubble Bath, Whirlpool Hydro-massage, Hand Shower, Under Water Color Changeable Light

Basic Functions

-  Computerized Control Panel
-  Bluetooth Connectivity 
-  Water Level Controller 
-  Hand Shower
-  Hot & Cold Mixer

Health Care Function

- Bubble Bath
- Hydraulic Massage
- Ozone Sterilization System

Recreation Functions

- Under Water Color Chnageable Light
- Online Heater
- 1.0 HP Whirlpool Massage Pump
- 0.5 HP Air Pump

Safety Functions

-  Automatic Shut down Safety Protection against High Current Leakage
-  Earth Leakage Circuit Braker
-  Creep Age Protection
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