Super 03 - Luxurious Spa Bath Treatment for Great Comfort

Size- 1900 x 1350 x 800 mm

Customization at your fingertips, Imagination on your mind makes the perfect pool space, Super Series Spa treatment, make your bath perfect as per your premium relaxation, It has 3 Person Adult Seat, FM/CD System, Ozone System, Luxury relaxation Pillows, and backrest, fully computerized controlling system, Underwater Chromotherapy and more.


Model - SUPER 03- Luxury Comfort Series
Seat - 3 Person Adult
Dimensions - 1900 x 1350 x 800 (mm)
Water Capacity - 600 L
Weight with Water - 778 Kg
Water Pumps - 1 Pc 2200 W
Rotating Jet - 1 Pc 5" Rotating Jet ( with LED )
3 Pc 3" Rotating Jet ( with LED )
4 Pcs 2" Rotating Jet
Fix Jets - 26 Pcs Small Jet
Airpool Jets - 8 Pcs Air Bubble Jet
Ozone System - 1 Pc
Pillow/Back Rest - 1 Pc Luxury Pillow
Control Panel - Computerized Control Panel
Light/Chromotherapy- 1 Pcs Underwater Light 18 Pcs LED

Electrical Requirement

Power Supply - 5.6 K.W Power
Heater - 3 K.W Heater
Air Pump - 400 W
Air Adjuster - 2 Pc
Filter - 1 Drifting Filter
Water Drainage - 1 Pc
Acrylic Color - Pear/White Other Colors optional
Skirt Color - Coffee Brown Other Colors optional

Luxury Seat For Luxury Relaxation

The Airpool Nozzle in the bottom of the bathtub is flat and minimal to increase comfort during the bath, mixed air and water flow out of the directional jets, which direction may be adjusted and intensity can be varied to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulations.

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