Alpha 05- Premium and Luxury Hot-Tub Hydromassage Bath

Size- 2150 x 2150 x 950 mm

ALPHA 05- A Bathroom should be a relaxing calm space equipped with easy to use fixtures, clean, contemporary. and simple lines help build a sanctuary of space; take for instance, Alpha 05 Premium Hot-tub, Thanks to the top rate material and technology 5 Person is joining in this Hot-tub for the luxury relaxation, Luxury Waterfall Massage, hydromassage Bath, Ergonomic seat, softly padded headrest and easy, intuitive controls are guaranteed to make your spa experience truly gratifying


Model - ALPHA 05 - Premium Hot-Tub
Seat - 5 Person Adult
Dimensions - 2150 x 2150 x 950 (mm)
Bluetooth/FM - Bluetooth
Water Capacity - 1300 L
Weight with Water - 1640 Kg
Water Pumps - 1 Pc 1500 W and 1 Pc 2200 W
Rotating Jet - 1 PC 5" S.S Rotating Jet
4 PC 4.5" S.S Rotating Jet
7 PC 3.5" S.S Rotating Jet

Fix Jets - 2 Pcs 2.5" Stainless Steel Direct Jet, 8 Pcs Small Jet
Airpool Jets - 26 Pcs Air Bubble Jet
Water Column - 3 Pc Water Column
Ozone System - 1 Pc
Pillow/Back Rest - 3 Pc Luxury Pillow and 1 Pc Back Rest
Control Panel - Computerized Control Panel
Light/Chromotherapy- 2 Pcs Water Bottom Light, 10 Pcs Small LED

Electrical Requirement

Power Supply - 5.6 K.W
Heater - 3 K.W
Air Pump - 700 W
Air Adjuster - 2 Pcs
Filter - 1 Float Filter with Cover
Water Drainage - 1 Pc
Acrylic Color - Pearl/White
Skirt Color - Coffee Brown

Complete your Chromotherapy Luxury Bath

Your Well-being will be complete with the chromotherapy function and preset programmes and hydro-massage therapy, which lets you gradually release your favorite essence through the air pool circuit.

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